Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Racist Nation

If Mitt Romney loses this election, and by all accounts, he most likely will... Martin Luther King, Jr. should turn over in his grave.

King declared that it is not the color of a man's skin that matters, but the content of his character.  And yet, with all the advances we have seen in the area of racial equality in this country, we are still a racist nation at our very core.  Only now, the racists are the ones who were formerly discriminated against.

In a recent (very disturbing) poll, 93% of African Americans said they voted for President Obama, who is black.  The reason that most gave is Black Loyalty.  Let that sink in for a minute.  They voted for Obama because he is black.  Not because he is a great leader.  Not because he has accomplished noble and worthwhile things during his first four years in office.  He hasn't.  It's because... he's black.

How do we know?  Simple.  In interview after interview after interview, they told us.  And let's face it.  Even if they hadn't admitted it, it's kind of a "Duh!" rule-out. 

The reason cannot be the economy... Obama systematically destroyed it, and incurred an obscene amount of debt in the process.  Unemployment among black youth is topping 16-18%.  Overall unimployment is galloping out of control.  But apparently, our president being black was more important than actually having jobs.

It cannot be foreign affairs; the President is so inept at foreign affairs that we hardly have any allies left.  A colossal foreign affairs failure, our president unabashedly sold us out to radical Islam, and is guilty of a massive coverup and scandal that, if pursued, is worthy of impeachment and charges of treason, and for which he may yet be criminally liable for.  This president has the blood of 4 Americans on his hands.  Of course, I'm sure his "thorough investigation" of his own coverup and complicity in murder will be voluntarily brought to light by the Oval Office, and his Attorney General, Eric "Fast & Furious" Holder. 

No, I'm sure that after the election, the President plans on just burying the whole event under yet nother Executive Gag Order.  Presto Chango.  No more scandal.  It's Bush's fault.  It's the GOP's fault.  It's the State Department, CIA, and DOD's fault.  If we know anything for certain by now, we know it's NOT going to be our president's fault.  Because he's black.

China all but owns us.  Russia's salivating over the "more flexibility" that our president has promived them "after the election."  Our credit rating is tanking.  Our jobs are being shipped overseas.  Our small businesses are drowning in taxes and suffocating regulation.  But having a black president is apparently all that matters.  ObamaPhone!

What this 93% demographic segment DOES represent, besides wholesale, unabashed, and openly admitted racism, is that a huge segment of the population who has made Public Assistance a career choice, and Government Entitlement a way of life, is more concerned about personal selfishness, laziness, and sloth than the success of our nation. 

A significant portion of this segment is admittedly uninterested in the mundane expectations of even a decade ago, in getting an education and actually getting a job.  They are perfectly happy with letting the President bribe them with an "ObamaPhone," and to pay their way to the polls every four years, so they can renew their "contract" of indolence and dependance. 

The 93% who voted for Obama "because he was black" have sold every inch of ground gained in the fight for racial equality for a $49 piece of plastic.  And what is more mind-boggling?  They're actually satisfied with the value of their trade.  Too blinded by the allure of "something for nothing," for "food stamps over a paycheck," they are so obsessed with personal selfishness and ignorance to realize the sheer magnitude of their lapse in judgment.  But hey... our president being black will make it all better.  Somehow.

The other major demographic supporting group for President Obama were Latinos, with 69% voting for our president, which represents a massive chunk of what we lovingly call "illegal immigrants,"  "guest workers," "undocumented aliens," or whatever cutesy, politically-correct term you want to apply to the millions who thumb their collective noses at our immigration laws by brazenly sneaking across our borders, and committing an astronomically higher percentage of violent crime that U.S. Citizens per capita.  But hey... our president being black is more important.

Another sizeable segment, 67% of single mothers, voted to re-elect our Black president, and represents another large Public Assistance and Entitlement demographic.  These voters feel emboldened and entitled to make very bad, careless, and even disasterous personal life decisions, only to then turn and demand that the government immediately rescue them from the consequences (and accountability) of those decisions, and/or pay their way for the rest of their lives.  They care far more about unrestained, unimpeded promiscuity than they do about the murder of unborn children or the ongoing support of those that survive... straining at the gnats of a molecule of cells that may constitute "life" on Mars, while cheerfully butchering viable human embryos and unborn infants, whom they don't consider to be "living beings."  That's too inconvenient to their lifestyle.  I guess we shouldn't even mention their ambivalence and lack of interest in providing the spawn that DO survive without being butchered with a quality of life that includes a mother AND a father.  But enough about that unpleasantness.  Our president being black is more important.

Worst of all, we, as a nation are not only breath-takingly racist... but we have rejected God altogether in the process.  We have, as a country, collectively sold our birthright as the greatest nation on earth for "mess of pottage."  An ObamaPhone.  A welfare check.  Free contraceptives.  Abortion on demand.  Gay marriage.  And oh.... we need to get God out of our government.  It makes us uncomfortable to have Him there.  It's "inconvenient."  And thank heavens we don't need God as a nation.  Having a black president is enough.  He is our Messiah now.  He will save us.  ObamaPhone!

Are we really that arrogant and stupid as a people?  Are we really this clueless, self-centered, narcissistic and hedonistic?  Have we lost our collective minds?  What hope do we have as a nation when the majority chooses evil over good, and rejects God in the process?  <shrug>  But hey... <yawn> It's all good.  There's something decent on TV tonight, and hey... we have a black President!

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