Thursday, November 8, 2012

"The Fix Is In... Pass It On!"

Conservative pundits and GOP strategists are having seizures in the aftermath of the 2012 election trying to figure out "what went wrong."


You honestly didn't see this freight train coming down the tracks about 20 miles ago?  Didn't you wonder why the President was so smugly confident on Election Day?  And in spite of the following:

All the areas in red voted for Romney.

The simple truth is that this election was fixed, pure and simple.  Chicago politics has now gone mainstream.
  • First of all, the Democratic Party in the U.S. has consistently insisted that "anyone" be able to vote, even if they are not legally entitled to vote, which is patently illegal.  Worse yet, they have openly and sometimes violently opposed picture ID requirements.  The stated reason?  It would "discriminate" against a population segment that already has to have picture ID to function in just about any capacity in this country.  The real reason?  It would make it harder, if not impossible, to commit voter fraud.  And that simply wouldn't do.  Interestingly, Obama lost in every state that required photo ID.
  • The NAACP, the organization MOST vehemently opposed to voter ID requirements, literally "took over" a polling place in Houston, kicking out the court-appointed election judges that were already there.  Nothing was done about it, after copious complaints.
  • 70 court-appointed election judges were forceably required to leave a Philadelphia polling place by leftist Democratic election judges, and were only allowed back in after a court order was issued.
  • In Philadelphia, members of the New Black Panther Party stood outside polling places with billy clubs to intimidate voters.
  • Election officials discovered (too late, apparently), that 1 in 5 Ohio registered voters was fake.
  • Thousands of registered voters in North Carolina were discovered to be over 113 years old.
  • Because of Hurricane Sandy, anyone could "fax in" or "email in" their ballots, inspiring widespread voter fraud on a massive scale without any possibility of verifying whether ballots were authentic.
  • Hundreds of thousands of military absentee ballots were mysteriously "misdirected" to Afghanistan that were on their way to be counted, and consequently arrived 1 day too late to be counted, which both sides admit would have seriously impacted the vote.   Tens of thousands were thrown overboard during transit, "mistaken" to be trash.
  • Tens of thousands of GOP voter registrations were "accidentally" shredded in Philadelphia (ironically the "birthplace of democracy") by the leftist organization Community Voter Project.  No reason was given for the shredding, which was only discovered when an independent journalist went through their dumpster.
  • Busloads of non-English-speaking Somali nationals (who were not legally eligible to vote in the first place) were brought into voting places in Ohio.  The only translators provided were Democratic translators... who encouraged them to "Vote Brown all the way down."  Brown was a Democrat running for Senator, and appeared at the top of the ballot. 
  • A polling place in Philadelphia forced voters to stand in line waiting to vote next to a huge mural of Obama on the wall.
  • In Detroit, an Obama voter punched a GOP voter in the face while waiting in line.
  • A woman in a Detroit polling location was aggressively campaigning for Obama. A female voter in line objected. The Obama supporter punched the woman in the face.  Police came to arrest her and she smacked the cop. 
  • A poster featuring President Obama that read “Change the Atmosphere” was reported to be hanging on a wall at a Florida, polling station.
  • Numerous electronic voting machines "mysteriously" marked Obama when Romney was selected.  Election officials were unapologetic, and simply said the machines needed to be "recalibrated," without explanation.
  • And the list, unfortunately, goes on and on and on.  Literally thousands of examples of wholesale voter fraud have been documented, and of course the Obama administration has vowed to "get right on that."
This election was not "lost."  It was stolen systematically, intentionally, and with a high degree of precision and preplanning.  My fear is that this will now be the norm.

When a political system reaches the point where it is SO corrupt that wholesale voter fraud is accepted and tolerated without being challenged, and where purely negative ads that only serve to assassinate a candidate's character are used in billion dollar mass media campaigns, whose sponsors and largely anonymous and totally unaccountable, do we have any hope as a nation of ever having a fair campaign about the issues in the future?  Or has this insideous cancer of campaign corruption now metastasized in the body politic forever?   Sadly, I fear that the prognosis is grim indeed... and could very well prove to be fatal to the democratic process in this nation.

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